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About Total Records Solutions
Document Storage through End of Life Cycle
Founded in 2009, Total Records Solutions is the sister company to Total Destruction Inc. We are a one-stop shop for all of your business' record needs.  
At Total Records Solutions, we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Safety, security, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction are our goals, and going above and beyond for you is what our employees do best. We are available Monday through Friday from 9am until 5:30pm. We can deliver your boxes outside of these hour if scheduled in advance.  
Total Records Solutions is a family-owned small business in Alamogordo, NM. We are a member of the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce, Prism International, and a yearly sponsor of sports teams, pageants, and children's activities in the Tularosa Basin.

We Offer  
*Secure Facility  
*Secure Transportation  
*Meets all regulatory compliance  
Total Records Solutions consistently conducts  
*Security audits,  
*Drug testing, 
*Ongoing background checks on employees,  
*Ongoing training, and process improvement of our Security Specialists.  
*Specialized Software - We use specialized software designed for the professional record storage industry. The software is able to track every movement of every box, file, and document from the date it is picked up at your location to when it is eventually destroyed.
Total Records Solutions
Secure delivery and pick up service.  
Quick turnaround for pickups and deliveries.  
Daily, weekly, monthly or as needed pickup and delivery service.  
Twenty-Four hours a day, seven days a week web access to your inventory.  
Web-portal Client Software for tracking and reporting document retention.  
Purchase space 1 cubic foot at a time instead of a room at a time.  
30-50% cost reduction compared to self-storage.  
Meets all required Regulatory Compliance.  
Low Monthly Cost  
Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Payments accepted  
7 years of trusted service  
On-site review room to view your documents in comfort
Reduce Storage with File Scanning
Medical Files 
What do you do with your medical files when you retire or close your practice?  
The responsibility of maintaining those files, making them available to your patients and securing their safety does not stop when the doors close.  
TOTAL RECORDS SOLUTIONS has a full-service solution  
for your medical files.  

We will:  
Maintain HIPAA security for the life of the record  
Create a full inventory of your patient records  
Process Releases of Information for patient records  
ensuring HIPAA Compliance and provide them  
copies from our facility  
Securely destroy the patient records at the end of the required retention
NoBox! No Problem!
Don’t want to “Box” your records?  
We have a solution for that too! Open-Shelf File Storage is available in our Secure Facility with shelf space available by the cubic foot.
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Web-portal Client Software for tracking and reporting document retention.  
Twenty-Four hours a day, seven days a week web access to your inventory.  
Restricted Access to only employees you designate  
Restricted Departmental Access to only employees allowed to access boxes within specific departments.
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